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UVL SpA is a manufacturing company in the forefront in reseach, development and production of natural biological feed supplements for all animal species. For over 25 years our company has been involved in animal feed and zootechnology in general. Our specific specialization is in the area of natural probiotics. Zimoferment is a feed additive containing “beneficial” microorganisms which AID the host animal to improve the balanced equilibrium of intestinal microflora resulting in better assimilation and digestion of feed nutrients. Zimoferment inhences the role of “competitive inhibition” which prevent the development and proliferation of pathogenic bacteria thereby improving the health of the animal and optimizing its performance. In addition to the Zimoferment feed additive , we also produce a series of pre-mix vitamins and minerals as completion factor of all the requirements of animal feed. Our company is represented on the market by a network of specialized distributors and agents supported by an adequate and qualified veterinary, technical and nutritional staff. The company is strategically located in the heart of northern Italy which is the center of the Italian Zootechnology Industries.

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